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The German government is currently looking for more Triple Win partner countries to expand the program. It has already placed more than 3,000 nurses with German employers. Another 290 are still undergoing training in their home countries. triplewin bet for these nurses continues to grow. The nurses placed by the project have high professional qualifications and are well-received by German employers.

In addition to offering excellent training programs, Triple Win has an internship program and work based learning classes that focus on entrepreneurship and STEM education. These courses help students prepare for the modern workforce. Students can also work on projects outside of school hours and get paid for the work they complete. There are also many opportunities to work during school breaks and summer months.

In the past, it was difficult for manufacturers to raise the capital they needed to start a new company. But the great recession created new opportunities. Now, investors are more willing to invest in innovative technologies. For example, TripleWin ‘s platform helps companies create and communicate financially compelling business cases to get executive buy-in for circular production and sustainability.